Nothing drives homeowners crazier than cluster flies! These annoying pests love to sunbathe in the grass and soil around your home; they emerge each spring to mate and lay their eggs in the soil, where their larvae become the parasites of earthworms and emerge as flies, starting the reproduction cycle again. This will take place about three times during the summer.

In mid-August when days are getting shorter and nights cooler, their instinct is to start to “cluster” together and sunbathe on structures that will hold heat. The clustering behavior starts when night temperatures drop to about 12 degrees Celsius. As the season advances, they begin to cluster around your home in greater numbers, sheltering under the eaves and sunning themselves on your walls and roof.

Once it is too cold they move further into cracks and crevices of the house where it’s nice and warm, and move inside to cluster together in attics and other warm areas to shelter over the winter.

Sometimes during really warm days in winter they will wake up and start digging trying to go back outside. They will come out through electrical receptacles, window frames, cracks in the walls, etc., and you’ll find them buzzing on the inside of your windows, looking for sunlight and grass.

To stop this destructive and unwelcome cycle in your home, we can treat your house and protect it by spraying a repellent on the house. The cluster flies will just go somewhere else.

The time to treat your home for cluster flies is mid-August to late September, BEFORE they move into your home for the winter! We spray the whole house, inside and out, plus the attic, which drastically reduces the numbers of flies entering your home.

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