Spiders can be a great aid in reducing the number of pests around your home, but when they start using your house instead of trees to spin their webs, they become a headache— especially around homes on islands or near the water, which have an endless supply of midges and other water insects, and are often badly infested.

One treatment at the beginning of the year will protect your house, shed, gazebo, deck, garage, and other structures and keep them free from cobwebs, egg sacs, and more.

No more sweeping your porch roof every week to remove those unsightly cobwebs!

By keeping on top of spider proliferation, you’ll soon find your home looks fresh and new, without unsightly webs and staining on your exterior woodwork.

The time to treat them is in Spring, from late May through July. Our spray treatment not only kills the existing spiders, but provides an ongoing repellent function that prevents new spiders from settling in and spinning their webs.

Spiders only a fraction of your pest worries? You might benefit from our Residential Home Protection Plan — call Richard at 1-866-685-1481 or email us for a free, no-obligation custom evaluation and cost estimate!


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